Learn and grow with music!

Preparing for the spring recital. Only 2 days to go!

Tuition at Keyboard for Kids covers much more than just lessons! 

Everything is included for one monthly amount:

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Sheet music downloads

Practice planners

Worksheets and other miscellaneous lesson materials

Weekend coffeehouses held several times each year

Formal recital in May (no extra recital fees)

Lessons are offered year round.

Camps and competitions may be offered separately and are not included in monthly tuition payments.cting the options from the toolbar.

Keyboard for Kids tuition:

$140 month for half hour lessons

$135 per month for 2nd sibling ($275 for both)

$215 per month for 45 minute lessons. 

Payment Policies:

Monthly payments are due the first week of each month.

Payments made after the 10th of the month will incur a $10.00 late fee.

Payments made by Paypal or credit card will incur a $5.00 convenience fee per transaction.