Learn and grow with music!

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Music lessons are fun at Keyboard for Kids! Lesson books are designed for young learners, with colorful art and supplemental materials, games, and coloring activities that younger students thrive on. A wealth of material is readily available on the web and easy to download, so students can choose from a huge variety of popular music that can be downloaded on the spot. Typically, Keyboard for Kids students stay with lessons until they graduate from high school. As they get older, the type of material will change, and we will look at different styles of music and less theory work. 

Your child will have a great time learning to play piano or accordion at Keyboard for Kids and will actually WANT to practice. By giving them lessons, your kids will enjoy an activity that will last throughout their lifetimes. Former students who are now teachers, doctors, and other professionals tell me that they still play the piano for relaxation and for their own enjoyment. I have many friends who perform well into their senior years. (You may not be playing soccer or football at 80, but you will most likely still be able to share playing music with friends.)

With 40 years of experience, I have learned a few things about teaching kids and how to motivate them. You will always know exactly what your child should be practicing. Each week an assignment book goes home with weekly notes and a daily checkbox. There are monthly raffles for kids who meet their practice goals, and at the May recital, kids who practice most receive trophies for their efforts. 

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